First actions in schools

We have a had a wonderful few days with our first school visits. Monday 12th June saw us at Eagle’s Nest, Tully and Lettergesh schools, all in Renvyle on the West coast of Ireland. There we remembered children in the Yemen, and Syria – Damascus, Daraa and Deir Ezzor respectively. Thanks to the principals, Paul Gannon, Barbara Gannon and Mandy Conboy and to all the children who made it a very special day.

We visited two classrooms of Letterfrack National School on Tuesday 13th June.  We met lots of great children, with great questions and thought provoking discussion. After that we hung ribbons on the hawthorn bush outside the gate of the school, remembering the children of Jabalia, North Gaza and Rafah, South Gaza. We finished the ceremony with a few beautiful tunes by Leora and Elva on their fiddles.Thanks to principal Olivia Kerrigan.

It was great to have hawthorn bushes just where we wanted them in both Letterfrack and Lettergesh, considering the significance of the tree as place of healing.

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